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The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) recently published new regulations to implement the requirement for underground storage tank operator training for Petroleum Bulk Storage facilities (6 NYCRR 613-2) and Chemical Bulk Storage facilities (6 NYCRR 596-599).  Facilities with underground petroleum or chemical storage tanks that are subject to New York State and federal regulations must designate at least one Class A, one Class B, and one Class C Operator for those tanks.  Facilities must comply by no later than October 11, 2016.  To become certified operators, individuals will be required to pass an exam administered by the NYSDEC.  Successfully passing the New York exam will provide certification as a Class A or Class B Operator to operate underground petroleum and chemical storage tanks at facilities registered in New York State.  Class C Operators are not required to pass an exam and can be trained by certified New York Class A/B Operators.

New York State Class A/B Operator Training

JD2 Environmental Inc. can provide private training to those wishing to taking the New York Class A/B Operator exam.  Training is provided by JD2 principals who are recognized nationwide as industry experts on storage tank issues.  Training will consist of:

  •  Review of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) rules and regulations for storage tank operators, incorporating the New York State Tank IQ training manual and JD2’s own training materials. 
  • Training would be provided in a classroom setting at your facility or a mutually convenient location. 
  • JD2 can customize training to include facility-specific tank system equipment and/or facility-specific policies and procedures for emergency response. 
  • JD2 can develop, train and provide a customized monthly inspection checklist for performing the mandated monthly inspections at a company’s facility. 
  • JD2 can also provide a quick “compliance review” while onsite to ensure that a facility is in compliance with current regulations.

Contact JD2 today at (610) 430-8151 to discuss your New York Class A/B Operator training needs.

New York State Class C Operator Training

JD2 is partnering with “USTtraining.com” to provide third-party, self-paced, on-line training for Class C Operators.  Click on the following logo to be directed to the USTtraining.com website for more information!!

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